07 mars 2007

The "5" Royales

De 1951 à 1966

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The Five Royales
King KCD-678

01 - I Know It's Hard But It's Fair
02 - Miracle Of Love
03 - My Sugar Sugar
04 - When You Walked Through The Door
05 - School Girl
06 - Get Something Out Of It
07 - Tell Me You Care
08 - Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone
09 - It Hurts Inside
10 - Mine Forever
11 - One Mistake
12 - Women About To Make Me Go Crazy

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6 commentaires:

rodgerlee a dit…

a big thanks...!!

but the el pauling rapidshare file is incomplete....

please repostanita1

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this wonderful LP


Anonyme a dit…

merci beaucoup, toujours des choses très rares + les covers !!! super @+

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

New download link : http://lix.in/84fcc9
pw : bluesandrhythm.blogspot.com

Neilson a dit…

Thanks! I love these guys and have a double cd comp of them but it's missing two of my favorite songs on this album, "Mine Forever" and "One Mistake".

Anonyme a dit…

Great stuff! thanx