14 août 2006

Blues and Rhythm

Un nouveau blog dédié au Blues, Rhythm & Blues et Rock and Roll

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Anonyme a dit…

Also, a magazine: www.bluesandrhythm.co.uk

Nando40 a dit…

I don't speak french, but you have a magical place here.. I linked on my favs,,

THANKS FOREVER for your wonderful blog..


Anonyme a dit…

je te remercie le "download" Howlin Wolf the memphis years.J'avais le disque sur CROWN
Howlin Wolf Sings The Blues,aussi
merci beaucoup pour les vids
american folk blues festival , je les ai vu a Birmingham en angleterre en '63 et '64.


Anonyme a dit…

Hi, I don't know how to contact you. I usually look at your blog, lots of quality stuff here.
I have made a cd for a friend compiling all 5, 45's that guitarist-singer EL PAULING did for FEDERAL records in the early 60's. El Pauling was a member of the 5 Royales.
I uploaded the cd to rapidshare, the link is: http://rapidshare.com/files/19764352/EL_PAULING_Complete_Federal_Recordings___more.rar

If you like it or want to share it on your blog or something, no problem at all.