07 décembre 2006

Magic Sam

MagicSam (Samuel Maghett dit) (vocal/g) Grenada, Mississippi, 14 février 1937 - Chicago, Illinois, 1er décembre 1969.

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The Essential Magic Sam - The Cobra and Chief Recordings (1957-1961)
Fuel 2000 Records - 302 061 104 2

01 - All Your Love
02 - Love Me With A Feeling
03 - Everything Gonna Be Alright
04 - Look Whatcha Done
05 - All Night Long
06 - All My Whole Life
07 - Easy Baby
08 - 21 Days In Jail
09 - Love Me This Way
10 - Magic Rocker
11 - Mr. Charlie
12 - My Love Is Your Love
13 - Square Dance Rock Part 1
14 - Square Dance Rock Part 2
15 - Every Night About This Time
16 - Do The Camel Walk
17 - You Don't Have To Work
18 - Blue Light Boogie
19 - Out Of Bad Luck
20 - She Belongs To Me
21 - All Your Love
22 - Love Me With A Feeling - (alternate take)
23 - Everything Gonna Be Alright - (alternate take)
24 - Easy Baby - (alternate take)
25 - 21 Days In Jail - (alternate take)

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Could you please repost this please?

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Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Link above.

Anonyme a dit…

Yes, but it doesn´t seem to work. What could be the prob? Everything works fine until the final download-page, which doesn´t start the download when I click the "download"-link as it normally does.

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

New download link : http://lix.in/530d43

pw : bluesandrhythm.blogspot.com

Anonyme a dit…

Much thanks to you..I was looking for this one since I fell in love with the "give me time" Delmark CD (bad sound quality but so "soulfull")and was rather disapointed by the "Westside soul" CD

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thanks for the otis and sam cobra recordings. much love for both.


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Just two words :

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all the links are broken !!!! No downloadings possible !!!
Too bad !!
Could you repost them ?…
THANKS for your beautiful blog
A goldmine !!! A must !!!!!!

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I'm sorry to post a comment about the fact the links doesn't works !!!
I was wrong !!!!!
Everything is OK … if you type the right pw (bluesandrhythm.blogspot.com)

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The links working fine, and so is the Magic Sam. You're a lovely person. Thanks.

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Thanks so much!!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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thanx from Texas!!@!

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Muchas Gracias