01 décembre 2006

Betty Harris

Orlando, Floride, 1943

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Betty Harrys - The Lost Soul Queen
AIM 1502 CD

01 - Cry To Me
02 - I Don't Want To Hear It
03 - The Trouble With My Lover
04 - Nearer To You
05 - I'm Evil Tonight
06 - What Did I Do Wrong
07 - I'm Gonna Get You
08 - Mean Man
09 - Hook Line And Sinker
10 - Twelve Red Roses
11 - Lonely Hearts
12 - Ride Your Pony
13 - I Can't Last Much Longer
14 - I'll Be A Liar
15 - Sometime
16 - All I Want Is You
17 - What A Sad Feeling
18 - Bad Luck
19 - Break In The Road
20 - Take Care Of Our Love
21 - Love Lots Of Lovin'

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11 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Un grand merci pour cet album de Betty Harris et ce blog en général !!
La soul de cette trempe est indispensable à mon équilibre émotionnel & mental !

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this post! You've been sharing some great stuff. Many thanks for all your efforts!

Anonyme a dit…

just came across your blog.
Any chances that you could upload the Betty Harris compilation again?
That'd be great!
If so, please drop me a line.


I would be so delighted!!!

Your blog looks REALLY great!!


Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

No, this title won't be upload again.

Betty Harris is alive and try to make a comeback.

If you like her, buy her CDs.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi there,
thats cool with me.
Thanks anyway.
And sure I'll buy this comp of the NOLA queen.
Still have to figure out though if its her best comp or if I'd better go with another comp.

I had just wanted to have a listen NOW - and buy later.

Her sides with the Meters backing her are all outstanding.

Lovely blog you got here!
Thanks for effort and support.


Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

You can hear some real audio samples of Betty Harry at The Soul Club or at The Soul of the Net.

The NOLA compilation is the only one available at this time. If you are lucky, you will find in second hand store the "Soul Perfection Plus" complitation. It's the same with more titles.

Anonyme a dit…


Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

No, see previous posts.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Dominik!
I found some working Links for it:
Pt 1 Tracks 1-11
Pt 2 Tracks 12-21

SAMYAZA007 a dit…

downloading, i hear it, i hope to enjoey it, thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

thanx anonyme..it appears to still be working!