14 avril 2007

Jimmy Dawkins

Jimmy Dawkins (vocal/g) Tchula, Mississippi, 24 octobre 1936.

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Jimmy Dawkins - Fast Fingers (1968/1969)
Delmark DD-623

Jimmy Dawkins : vocals, guitar (all tracks)
Eddy Shaw : tenor sax (all tracks)
Lafayette Leake : piano, organ (all tracks)
Mighty Joe Young : guitar (all tracks)
Joe Harper : bass (tracks 1,5,7,8,11,12)
Ernest Gaterwood : bass (tracks 2,3,4,6,9,10)
Lester Dorsie : drums (all tracks)

01 - It Serves Me Right to Suffer 1969
02 - I Wonder Why 1968
03 - I'm Good for Nothing 1968
04 - Triple Trebles 1968
05 - I Finally Learned a Lesson 1969
06 - You Got to Keep on Trying 1968
07 - Night Rock 1969
08 - Little Angel Child 1969
09 - I Don't Know What Love Is 1968
10 - Breaking Down 1968
11 - Sad and Blues 1969
12 - Back Home Blues 1969

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Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Download link : http://lix.in/79f1aa

pw : bluesandrhythm.blogspot.com

Anonyme a dit…

Very good record and very,very good guitar player. he was unknow to me.thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

Effacé / Deleted



Merci pour tout

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Non, pas de re-up pour les artistes encore vivant et dont les CD sont disponible.

Il s'agit seulement de les faire découvrir, et pas de leur piquer leur casse-croute.

Fast fingers est toujours au catalogue de Delmark, et facile à trouver.

Sois plus rapide la prochaine fois !!!

Anonyme a dit…

"Rock and Roll Another One" !

This Download link : http://lix.in/79f1aa
has been KAPUT.

Where is the album ???

I want this album: Jimmy Dawkins - Fast Fingers (1968/1969)and I want it now.-


Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Buy it. Otherwise look here

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Here's a new link: