03 avril 2007

Lightnin' Slim

Otis Hicks dit Lightnin' Slim (vocal/g) Saint Louis, Missouri, 13 mars 1913 - Detroit, Michigan, 27 juillet 1974.

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Lightnin' Slim - Rooster blues / Lightnin' Slim's bell ringer
Ace Records CDCHD 517

Rooster blues :
01 - Rooster Blues
02 - Long Leanie Woman
03 - My Starter Won't Work
04 - G.I - Slim
05 - Lightnin's Troubles
06 - Bed Bug Blues
07 - Hoo Doo Blues
08 - It's Mighty Crazy
09 - Sweet Little Woman
10 - Tom Cat Blues
11 - Feelin' Awful Blues
12 - I'm Leavin' You Baby

Lightnin' Slim's bell ringer :
13 - Love Me Mama
14 - She's My Crazy Little Baby
15 - Have Mercy on Me Baby
16 - Winter Time Blues
17 - If You Ever Need Me
18 - Mean Ole Lonesome Train
19 - Baby Please Come Back
20 - Love Is Just a Gamble
21 - Somebody Knockin'
22 - You Give Me the Blues
23 - Don't Start Me Talking
24 - You Move Me Baby

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Anonyme a dit…

merci beaucoup monsieur. sorry if I misspelled any of the French words

Anonyme a dit…

dank für eure mühe das hier reinzustellen

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this post, but I cannot get it to extract, with the nominated pw. Perhaps it is incorrect.


Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Do copy/past

Anonyme a dit…

I just stumbled across your blog and have already availed myself of the Esquerita, Larry Williams & Lightnin' Slim posts, all of them items I've long been curious to hear. I haven't yet listened to any of them as I write this, but I didn't want to waste any more time thanking you for sharing these... THANKS!

Anonyme a dit…

I am very puzzled. Downloaded again. Cut & paste the PW and all worked.

Thank you verry very much for your hard work, and fantastic blog

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

New download link : http://lix.in/982764

pw : bluesandrhythm.blogspot.com

awffle a dit…

password still doesn't work :/

Anonyme a dit…

Merci beaucoup de permettre de découvrir cet artiste.
Pour mes successeurs: NE PAS COPIER/COLLER LE MOT DE PASSE DES COMMENTAIRES (il y a un espace qui est caché à la fin et qui provoque l'erreur), PRENDRE LE MOT DE PASSE DANS LES COMMANTAIRES EN HAUT À DROITE, ou alors supprimer le dernier caractère.

Thank you very much to allow us to discover this artist.
For my followers: DON'T COPY/PASTE THE PASSWORD ABOVE (there's a 'space' character hidden at the end), PREFER TAKE THE PASSWORD IN THE COMMENTS UPPER AND RIGHT ON THIS PAGE. Or delete the last character when you're pasting or write it yourself.

Good listening!