13 mai 2007

James Brown

James Joe Brown Jr. - Barnwell, né en Caroline du Sud le 3 mai 1933. Décédé le 25 décembre 2006 à Atlanta - Georgie

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James Brown - The singles Volume 1 - 1956-1960 (2 CDs)
The Federal years
Hip O Select B0007029-02

Disque 1
01 - Please, Please, Please
02 - Why Do You Do Me
03 - I Don't Know
04 - I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
05 - No, No, No, No
06 - Hold My Baby's Hand
07 - I Won't Plead No More
08 - Chonnie-On-Chon
09 - Just Won't Do Right
10 - Let's Make It
11 - Gonna Try
12 - Can't Be The Same
13 - Messing With The Blues
14 - Love Or A Game
15 - You're Mine, You're Mine
16 - I Walked Alone
17 - That Dood It
18 - Baby Cries Over The Ocean
19 - Begging, Begging
20 - That's When I Lost My Heart
21 - Try me [demo version]

Disque 2
01 - Try Me
02 - Tell Me What I Did Wrong
03 - I Want You So Bad
04 - There Must Be A Reason
05 - I've Got To Change
06 - It Hurts To Tell You
07 - I've Got To Change [stereo version]
08 - It Hurts To Tell You [stereo version]
09 - Doodle Bee
10 - Bucket Head
11 - It Was You
12 - Got To Cry
13 - Good Good Lovin'
14 - Don't Let It Happen To Me
15 - I'll Go Crazy
16 - I Know It's True
17 - Think
18 - You've Got The Power [duet with Bea Ford]
19 - This Old Heart
20 - Wonder When You're Coming Home

James Brown - The singles Volume 2 - 1960-1963 (2 CDs)
Hip O Select B0008510-02

Disque 1
01 - The Bells
02 - And I Do Just What I Want
03 - Hold It
04 - The Scratch
05 - Bewildered
06 - If You Want Me
07 - Suds
08 - Sticky
09 - I Don't Mind
10 - Love Don't Love Nobody
11 - Cross Firing
12 - Night Flying
13 - Baby, You're Right
14 - I'll Never, Never Let You Go
15 - I Love You, Yes I Do
16 - Just You And Me, Darling
17 - Lost Someone
18 - Night Train
19 - Why Does Everything Happen To Me
20 - Bewildered (Demo)

Disque 2
01 - Shout And Shimmy
02 - Come Over Here
03 - Mashed Potatoes U.S.A.
04 - You Don't Have To Go
05 - (Can You) Feel It Part 1
06 - (Can You) Feel It Part 2
07 - Three Hearts In A Tangle
08 - I've Got Money
09 - Like A Baby
10 - Every Beat Of My Heart
11 - Prisoner Of Love
12 - Choo-Choo
13 - These Foolish Things
14 - (Can You) Feel It Part 1
15 - Devil's Den Part 1
16 - Devil's Den Part 2
17 - Signed, Sealed, And Delivered
18 - Waiting In Vain
19 - Oh Baby Don't You Weep Part 1
20 - Oh Baby Don't You Weep Part 2

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Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Volume 1 : the 2 parts are required

part 1 : http://lix.in/c71842
part 2 : http://lix.in/f96573

Volume 2 : the 2 parts are required

part 1 : http://lix.in/c30836
part 2 : http://lix.in/6e2375

Unknown a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

big greetings!
...many thanks for these ;)
.. i laughed at your password bit in the column! .. i post the pass above the link each time & i still get people asking for it!???! madness

again, thanks
& peace

Anonyme a dit…

A great set of early JB. Thanks.

Rockinbavarian a dit…

GREAT! Let's crown him again..

Anonyme a dit…

merci beaucoup....but with all due respect, english is the world language...despite french easily being the best sounding...so publishing your text in english as well as french is gonna make the majority of your visitors happy....esp as you're are dealing exclusively with american culture...

your endorsement over at totally fuzzy is well deserved...you win hands down over the most of the drivel posted there...it's all about taste & you monsieur have it in spades....

A L a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour cette magnifique compilation. Le James Brown que je préfère (Oh Baby Don't You Weep fut un de mes disques préférés d'adolescent )

Anonyme a dit…

Thank You very much. You have excellent taste in music, and I appreciate all of your hard work.

Anonyme a dit…

What is the password,I tried a few words,can't you make it simple?
I do not speak French,and cannot tell what the password is.
It would be nice to hear the music,after subscibing got this extended for another year,only to come upon someone uploading something I want really bad,and I can't hear it,because you're not making it simple for a newcomer.

Anonyme a dit…

It's madness when you don't make it easy and in English what the password is.

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

The easiest for all is to read what is written.

Look at the column "Stop annoying me with your password's problems !" on top right, in French and in English.

password is bluesandrhythm.blogspot.com

Nando40 a dit…



Unknown a dit…

HI there,
beautiful post and I'm hugely thankful!
As far as I know Volume 3 is already in progress.

No, I dont have a password problem :-).
I now opened "The singles Volume 1, 1956-1960".
Everyhting is fine except the cover artwork. I get 10 jpgs ("Booklet_01" up to "Booklet_10"). I got an error message for "Booklet_11". May you check this if you can find the time?
I tried it twice. "Only" 10 jpgs, no "Booklet_11" and if there are even additional ones, I dont get these either.

Many thanks! For the music and all the scans in top quality!


Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Your download is unfinished. There's 14 jpg for the booklet

Shake your files.

Part 1
Size should be : 100 663 296 octets

md5 should be : c040f2a28853755206882e26e7a44103

Part 2
Size should be : 95 152 536 octets

md5 should be : 7d22604e82d7afb08eae02944ca1c06f

Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Merci beaucoup!

Anonyme a dit…

c'est beau....merci

Anonyme a dit…

hey thanks for posting this!
great to hear the king in his early days!
cd 1 opened fine
but password doesn't work for cd2

Anonyme a dit…

Qu'est-ce que c'est bien ! James Brown est toujours un régal ! Mais continuez votre blogue en français et non en globish parce que de temps en temps, ça vaut la peine de faire un effort...

Slackjack a dit…

Thank you so much for this early music of the great man

archer a dit…

here's some info that may be helpful for some.

i use a mac. i tried several times to unpack the files using stuffit and the default mac utility. neither would work.

yesterday i read about someone having problem--unrelated to passwords--opening some archives. they said these problems were overcome using a mac app simply titled "the unarchiver".

i thought, what the heck i'll try it. it worked perfectly. it also unpacked another archive that my other apps deemed damaged and unopenable.

the unarchiver is free.

much gratitude for your shares.

Anonyme a dit…

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!