12 janvier 2007

Johnny Guitar Watson

Houston, Texas, 3 février 1935 - Yokohama, Japon, 17 mai 1996

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Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Hot Just Like TNT
The Best Of His Early Years
Ace Records CDCHD 621

01 - Hot Little Mama (Watson, Davis, Taub)
02 - I Love to Love You (Watson, Davis, Taub)
03 - Hot Little Mama (Watson, Davis, Taub)
04 - Don't Touch Me (I'm Gonna Hit the Highway) (Watson, Davis, Josea)
05 - Too Tired (Watson, Davis, Ling)
06 - Lonely Girl (De Milo)
07 - Ain't Gonna Hush (De Milo)
08 - Those Lonely, Lonely Nights (King, Vincent)
09 - Oh Baby (Watson, Davis, Taub, Josea)
10 - Someone Cares for Me (Watson, Davis, Taub)
11 - Ruben [Piano Version] (Watson)
12 - Give a Little (Watson, Davis, Bihari)
13 - Love Me Baby (Booker, Josea)
14 - She Moves Me (Watson, Ling)
15 - Ruben [Guitar Version] (Watson)
16 - Three Hours Past Midnight (Watson, Ling)
17 - Love Bandit (Gangster of Love) (Watson)
18 - Telephone Boogie (Otis)
19 - Dee's Boogie
20 - I Got a Girl (That Lives over Yonder) (Otis)
21 - Gangster of Love (Watson)
22 - One Room Country Shack (Watson)
23 - Deana Baby (Adler,Alpert)
24 - Honey (Watson)
25 - Come on Baby [Saxophone Version] (Watson)
26 - My Baby and Me (Watson)
27 - You've Been Gone Too Long (Watson)
28 - Come on Baby [Guitar Version] (Watson)

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Anonyme a dit…

Thank You Very Much, I've been looking for this for a long time ... and finally somebody delivers...

Great blog you have by the way.

I will promote it (the blog and this Johnny Guitar Watson post in particular) later on, on my RockGems blog.

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Nando40 a dit…

Amazing RNRAO..

every single post is a piece of art..



Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

New download link : http://lix.in/a91b70

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Lovanmusic a dit…

Joli Blog ;)

Mon blog RnB, Soul, Zouk ==> http://afrodiziac13.blogspot.com

Anonyme a dit…

Excellente recherche sur un guitariste de légende. Quelqu'un aurait il les paroles de "I got eyes" de ce grand monsieur?

The Irate Pirate a dit…

Thanks! You can sure hear his influence on Frank Zappa.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this post!!!! (from Hungary)

Anonyme a dit…

thank you !!!
please more post on j.guitar watson

Anonyme a dit…

il est un guitariste supérieur, dans mon sac


and the link still works, splendid

et de lien toujours les travaux, splendides

Otiselevator a dit…

Thanks very much for this rare gem from a much underrated man!

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Unknown a dit…

so nice. this site is so helpful to all.
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