08 juin 2007

Chris Kenner

Chris Kenner (vcl) Kenner, Louisiane, 25 decembre 1929 - La Nouvelle-Orléans, Louisiane, 26 janvier 1976

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Chris Kenner - 32 greatest hits from New Orleans
Valiant records VRCD-3229

01. I Like It Like That Pt. 1
02. You Can't Beat Uncle Sam
03. Land Of 1,000 Dances
04. Don't Let Her Pin That Charge On Me
05. Nothing Will Keep Me From You
06. Grandma's House
07. Sick and Tired
08. Don't Make No Noise
09. Get on This Train
10. A Very True Story
11. I Have News For You
12. Something You Got
13. You Will Be Mine
14. Johnny Little
15. I'm The Greatest
16. Let Me Show You How To Twist
17. Packing Up
18. She Can Dance
19. That's My Girl
20. The Life Of My Baby
21. Shoo-Rah
22. Wind The Clock
23. They Took My Money
24. Fumigate Funky Broadway
25. Right Kind Of Girl
26. Life Is A Struggle
27. Rocket To The Moon
28. Fo Through Life
29. Stretch My Hand To You
30. Memories Of A King Pt. 1
31. Memories Of A King Pt. 2
32. I Like It Like That Pt. 2

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Anonyme a dit…

Another marvelous upload.

Thanks mate.


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Thanks again for another great post!


Great Blog!!!
A greeting.

Anonyme a dit…

I've never understood why Chris Kenner is not given the same the respect as his peers, like Dave Bartholomew. Thanks so much for posting this album of a great r&b genius.

Anonyme a dit…

Another great share...I will be sure that others know about your site. Yikes!!! a catwoman I better
get back in the water...vous remercier le rock and roll un autre l'un

Unknown a dit…

What a great post!
Thanks so much!
Chris Kenner is great.

Would love to see more music from New Orleans!

Thanks for your efforts, 320kb mp3s and your great scans (artwork).


Anonyme a dit…

I can't seem to get through to http://lix.in/.
Have I altered some setting on my PC?
Or is there some problem with the site?
I miss listening to the downloads.

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Dominik, there is already a lot of New-Orleans' music on this blog :

Look at :
Eddie Bo
Guitar Slim
Robert Parker
Larry Williams
Lee Dorsey
Sugarboy Crawford

More comming soon or later !

Anonyme, just copy/paste the entire url in your brooser, and click on "continue" when asked

Anonyme a dit…

Do not forget Jesse Allen.

Anonyme a dit…

I love New Orleans

Anonyme a dit…

I missed the Chris Kenner lp. Is there any way I can obtain it?

Pikaia a dit…

Vaya por dios!

EL link ha sido borrado de rapidshare, puede alguien subirlo de nuevo a este u otro hosting?

Pikaia a dit…

Sorry oabout my english:
Rapidshare says:
This file has been deleted.

Anonyme a dit…

Could you repost this wonderfull album please?
Amazing site!
Greetings from Argentina

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Just found your site and love your taste in music.

Could you please re-upload this one?

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Here's a new link:


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Rock and Roll Another One a dit...
Here's a new link:


I have tried to download it but it is corrupted.

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I have tried to download it but it is corrupted.

Rock and Roll Another One a dit…

Is the link dead, or can't you open the downloaded file ?

Hank Kingsley a dit…

Could you please re-post using another link? Thanks a million.

GarColga a dit…

Hello Rock and Roll Another One, thanks for this and the others I've downloaded - the Chris Kenner downloaded and opened OK for me!

Dan a dit…

Is there any chance you can repost this?

The rapidshare link is dead.

I have been looking for this for a while and would love to be able to hear it.

Please repost if possible, and thanks for the great blog!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci bien!!! Especially for the Louisiana & New Orleans offerings. - d.

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Anonyme a dit…

can you please reuplad this album!!

thanks in advance,

Anne a dit…

Please, can you repost?
Thank you

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The link is dead, please, can you repost?


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tu peux me dire sur quel label ces faces ont été enrgistrée?
Mercy mercy!

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Please please repost the link I have been searching for this everywhere!!